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Faith Based Organisations at Stockholm+50 Launch Interfaith Statement

Faith Based Organisations at Stockholm+50 Launch Interfaith Statement
We, the representatives of various faith based organizations, Indigenous cultures and wisdoms from around the world participating in the Stockholm+50, committed to caring for ecological justice and for protecting our one Earth, hereby make the following statement to the governments, UN entities, civil society, and all stakeholders of the “Stockholm+50” processes.

Ukraine: Religious Actors Respond

The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) was founded in 2016 to foster engagement and cooperation. PaRD members support people, especially vulnerable groups, who need assistance and humanitarian support world-wide. To support formal and informal partnerships with and between PaRD members – in Ukraine, at the borders to neighbouring countries, and in communities throughout the world – an overview of their activities can be found here.

Faith Plans Workshop: Faith and Food: Mobilising faith assets for food transformation: FaithPlans – For People and Planet: There’s less than a week to go until our next #FaithPlans workshop, led by our partner @EATForum. Our panel will be exploring the critical role food has to play in the climate emergency, and what faiths can do to help. Read more

Values, Culture and Spirituality: A Consultation on Air: Join our friends at @EarthEthicsCtr for their inaugural dialogue to support the UN Decade of Ecosystem. Featuring four incredible women, the session will look at how we can utilise traditions and culture to stop plastic pollution at its source. You can register to watch this recording on demand. Read more

Indonesia enlists Muslim clerics to promote clean energy: Indonesia enlists Muslim clerics to promote clean energy the Grand Mosque Baiturrahman, Aceh ... ... Read more

Women are the missing key to tackling climate change in the Muslim World: The Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Secretary-General of believes the #Muslim world & its religious leaders have a duty to empower women to play crucial civil society roles if we want to slow down #climatechange. Read more

Cardinal Czerny: Sustainable development must put solidarity and human rights first: A true system of global sustainable development hinges on recognizing others as siblings in a shared world whose dignity and rights must take precedence over corporate interests, said a top Vatican official this week. Read more

Human Rights as a Paradigm for Climate Action: 2021 proved to be yet another year of devastating extreme weather events. From heatwaves to flash floods, retreating mountain glaciers to hurricanes, the past year has been yet another reminder of the ensuing climate crisis. In the same vein, the 21st Informal Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Seminar on Human Rights (ASEMHRS21), which took place from the 16-18 March 2022, saw the congregation of government officials, NHRI representatives, academics and civil society members sharing their anxieties and recommendations to mitigate the patently clear impacts of the climate disaster, especially upon human rights. Read more

Get Informed, Get Inspired, Take Action On the streets of New York, some 60,000 young people called upon their government officials, churches, and all the adults in their lives to not just say the right words, but begin a transformation in their daily lives. For WCC representatives, along with those from the Lutheran World Federation, ACT Alliance, and other faith-based groups, the march was an affirmation of ongoing work toward climate justice. Read more

New report highlights risk from global warming in the “Third Pole”: The region, known as the Third Pole for the massive amount of ice it contains, has been warming at almost twice the global mean, says A Scientific Assessment of the Third Pole. While the area is getting wetter for now, experts fear that in the decades to come, the retreat of glaciers may lead to water shortages across South and East Asia. Read more

Words for A Dying World Words for a Dying World brings together voices from across the world – from the Pacific islands to the pipelines of Canada, from farming communities in Namibia to activism in the UK. Read more

South Asian Religions & Ecology Designed for learners from a wide range of backgrounds, “South Asian Religions and Ecology” is an online course featuring the religions, philosophies, and practices of Hinduism, Jainism, Yoga, Buddhism, Sikhism, and the Baha’i Faith within the context of environmental protection and conservation. Read more

The Law Must Serve Life: Rev. Mark Coleman On Wednesday 27th of April, Rev Mark Coleman was one of 10 people who broke a North Warwickshire Borough Council injunction. The 10 Just Stop Oil supporters stood peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal holding placards. Mark’s placard read: ‘Jesus Wept’. Read more


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