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Faith Based Organisations at Stockholm+50 Launch Interfaith Statement

Faith Based Organisations at Stockholm+50 Launch Interfaith Statement
We, the representatives of various faith based organizations, Indigenous cultures and wisdoms from around the world participating in the Stockholm+50, committed to caring for ecological justice and for protecting our one Earth, hereby make the following statement to the governments, UN entities, civil society, and all stakeholders of the “Stockholm+50” processes.

Prayers and Meditations for COP28

Members of the Interfaith Liaison Committee (UNFCCC) provide suggestions for Prayers and Mediations for the success of COP28 for arriving at and implementing resolutions for the reparations to the health of the Earth. The Earth is the only planet we have to live on. Formation of Prayer and Meditation Groups is encouraged. Suitable prayers are offered, as are different formats.

Spiritual Wisdom of Trees

Spiritual Wisdom of Trees

This fall, the Center for Spirituality in Nature will be holding on online course titled "The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees: Insights from Our Elders." From the course site: Examine the science and Spirit of the forest to explore the ancient wisdom trees offer us for deep connections with each other and Earth.

Explore lessons from our tree elders, such as: How to survive and thrive; The importance of living in community; Loss, resilience, renewal, and gratitude; Living in the light, dark and in-between times. The course begins 9 September 2023. Link to Course (Opens in new tab)



Prayers and Meditations for UNCOP28

BK Report on the UN Climate Change Conference COP26

UN Climate Change Conference 2023 (UNFCCC)
Dubai November 30-December 12 2023.

Of your grace and goodness, please consider our invitation to you and request of you (and your faith community) on behalf of the United Nations Interfaith Liaison Committee:

We encourage people of all faiths to offer their prayers and meditations towards a beneficial United Nations COP 28.

Our prayer and meditation around the world has helped the previous COP’s. This was the feedback we have received. The picture above is of Prayer and Meditation at COP26 in Glasgow. Not pictured are those who offered their spiritual practice at that time from many other places in the world. Our invitation is that we continue what we have begun with a renewed sincerity of commitment.

The need now, as we all know, is urgent.

From now to the time of the Talanoa Dialogue and Interfaith Service on 30 November 2023 in Christ Church Dubai and to the end of the COP, please meditate and pray. We hope all who gather for this COP will feel they are on holy ground and act accordingly,for the sake of all creation.

How can you participate?Some suggestions:

During preparations for and whilst COP28 is held:

1. Be part of a ‘Spiritual Wave’ around our world, every day, at noon in your time zone, alone or along with others. A short, simple remembrance of COP28 in Silent Prayer and Meditation, with the symbolic actions of our traditions-whether it be the chime of bells, lighting a candle or silence – bowing, kneeling, standing or sitting in prayer.

2. Weekly local/virtual groups:

This involves Meditation and Prayer, in shared silence, according to our respective spiritual practice. Our experience is that these groups shape a quality of friendship that flows readily into service and advocacy. Our discernment and imagination are nurtured by each other’s company in silent prayer and meditation. Suggested prayers and affirmations are found here

When? Choose a time that suits locally. Please let us know at the Interfaith Liaison Committee. Contact us at https://interfaithliaisoncommittee.carrd.co/ (see bottom of page)

COP28 Logo



IPCC report on Global Warming

🌡️ Every increment of warming results in rapidly escalating hazards.
This figure from #IPCC’s Synthesis Report shows the days per year where heat-humidity poses risks to human health at different levels of warming.
The choices made in the next few years will play a critical role in deciding our future & that of generations to come.
Find out more ➡️ https://bit.ly/SYRSPM3
Read the report ➡️ https://bit.ly/SRYRpt23
Click the image to view a larger version:

Levels of Global Warming

Click this image to see a larger version



Climate Pastoral Care Course


The Climate Pastoral Care Courese will launch on 1st September.

Climate Pastoral Care Course

Click the image to read about the course



SURVEY: Faith Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Faith Action and the Sustainable Development Goals


For inclusion in this database, each project must adhere to the following criteria:

1. The activity must be undertaken primarily by a Faith-Based Organization (FBO).

To capture a broad range of activity, we define Faith Based Organisation as any institution, organization, or congregation affiliated with a religious, faith-based, Indigenous, or spiritual tradition.

2. The activity must fall within at least one of these UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Faith Action and the Sustainable Development Goals


3. The activity must include a substantive, measurable impact.


This is distinguishable from words and statements, and examples might include:

  • Conservation (ecosystem restoration, tree planting, permaculture, sustainable agriculture, water conservation, active protection of wildlife habitats and natural resources)
  • Community Resiliency (farmer training, clean water access, dissemination of educational resources, establishment of educational programs, development of health and sanitation programs)
  • Energy (solar panels on places of worship, installation of renewable energy directly onto buildings, implementation of energy efficiency practices)
  • Finance & Economics (divestment from fossil fuel holdings, sustainable reinvestment)
  • Law, Policy, & Government (advocacy for policy changes, returning land to Indigenous peoples)

Read more about the survey