As we come together for COP28, we would like to offer an opportunity for faith-oriented and all interested people to gather and freely share our respective initiatives, concerns and hopes, in a Talanoa Dialogue inviting local faith communities to engage in the climate change action.

Talanoa dialogues are Fijian indigenous peoples’ way of solving problems in their communities, and Fiji, when president of COP23, introduced the concept to work on the most challenging issues. The methodology of a Talanoa Dialogue leads participants to address the following questions: Where are we? // Where do we want to go? // How do we get there?

As faith communities active in climate action, the Talanoa Dialogue will bring us to discuss, as faith communities in relation to climate challenges: where are we; where do we want to go; and how do we get there.

This gathering also aims to provide a nourishing and hopeful event for climate justice advocates at the start of the COP, as well as space to look at solutions from different angles.

This interfaith gathering in the spirit of Talanoa Dialogue will also offer an opportunity to create an Interfaith Talanoa Call from the voices present expressing concerns, demands and hopes to be delivered to the UNFCCC Executive Secretariat.

The event will be held in person at Christ Church Jebel Ali, in English and will include:

  • 15:00 Arrivals
  • 15:30 Welcome, Opening & Panel discussion
  • 17:00 Talanoa Small Group Discussions on the role of faith actors (you can choose your group below)
  • 18:30 Interfaith service
  • 19:20 Light shared meal
  • 20:00 End

Part of the event will also be accessible online:

Opening Panel & Interfaith Service (no registration):

Small Groups (registration):

Tickets to the Live Event (Free)


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