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Quakers at COP28

Quaker United Nations Office Geneva Human Impacts of Climate Change Programme attended the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai in November and December 2023. At COP28, the main challenges included delivery of an urgent, equitable and science based Global Stocktake, strengthening on just transition and mitigation efforts, and appropriate financing for adaptation and loss and damage.

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A Fire Runs Through All Things: Zen Koans for Facing the Climate Crisis

At a time of climate emergency, Zen koans show us how crisis itself can reveal the regenerative openness of life, mind, and being.

Zen koans are a tradition of holistic inquiry based on “encounter stories” from East Asia’s most radical Buddhist tradition. Turning this form of inquiry toward the climate crisis, Susan Murphy contends that koans can help us enter the mind of not-knowing, from which acceptance and possibility freely emerge. Koans reveal intimate, mythic, artful, playful, provocative, humorous, and fierce ways to engage the work of protecting and healing our world.

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UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-6)

The sixth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-6) will be held from 26 February to 1 March 2024 at the UN Environment Programme headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. (decision 5/4 of 2 March 2022).

The overall theme for UNEA-6 is “Effective, inclusive and sustainable multilateral actions to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.”

The United Nations Environment Assembly is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment. It addresses the critical environmental challenges facing the world today.

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Contemplative nature engagement practices to support individuals and communities facing ecological distress

Contemplative Studies Centre (University of Melbourne) seed funding recipients have partnered with experts to develop a new guide addressing eco-distress, offering adaptive responses to ecological change. Targeted at group leaders and teachers, the guide emphasises contemplative nature engagement practices, including meditation and sensory interaction with nature.

It identifies three key dimensions for adaptive responses: fostering a healthier relationship with oneself, cultivating connections for collective action, and acting harmoniously with nature. The guide targets a broad audience, including eco-activist leaders, practitioners of contemplative practices, therapists, faith leaders, and individuals seeking personal growth resources.

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The Eco Sattva Training

The EcoSattva Training is an eight-part series designed to support you in developing your response, internal and external, to a changing world. We’ll offer new insights from multiple Dharma traditions as well as the growing field of climate psychology as we soothe these tender bodies, hearts and minds. Supported by these teachings and one another, participants can discover and cultivate a way forward.

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COP28: What Was Achieved and What Happens Next?

At #COP28, negotiators from nearly 200 countries came together with a decision on the first “global stocktake”, agreeing to accelerate climate action this decade with the aim of limiting global warming to within 1.5°. So, what was achieved and what happens next?

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US climate envoy John Kerry, who called pope a ‘moral authority’ on climate, to step down

John Kerry, a longtime U.S. politician who has been dedicated to addressing climate change and has welcomed and amplified Pope Francis’ intervention on the issue, will be leaving his post as the lead climate negotiator for the United States.

Multiple news outlets reported over the weekend that Kerry will be stepping down from his position as U.S. special presidential envoy for climate by the spring. According to Axios, the 80-year-old will turn his attention to helping President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

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The tipping points we want to reach

Hello and a happy new year from BBC Future Earth. As the northern hemisphere goes through the short, dark days of January, we take some time to reflect on what climate change – and climate action – has in store during 2024. For those who feel anxious about the climate crisis, know that a number of potentially transformative trends are gathering pace. Plus, how acoustic maps are helping to protect jaguars in South America’s Atlantic Forest, and a snowy ride around the winter cycling capital of the world.

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Ecojesuit reflecting on challenges and hopes post-COP28 and beyond

The Ecojesuit team gathered virtually to exchange reflections and insights post-COP28, what the challenges and learnings are in the process, and the value of our engagement in the global climate summit. The group explored possible actions to keep the urgency alive in the national context. The role of the faith voice in international relations is gaining further traction. The Vatican State is now an official Party that can engage in the negotiations. In COP28, faith groups came together and now, a Catholic COP network is being formed to sustain engagements in future COPs.

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