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Where are we at the climate change negotiations?

COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh is over. Numerous reports have all pointed out that if we don’t cut the emissions of greenhouse gases radically and immediately, we will not keep the global average temperature rise below 1.5 degrees, writes Rev. Henrik Grape of the Interfaith Liaison Committee to UNFCCC

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Faith-Based Organizations at Stockholm+50

Faith-Based Organizations (FBO) have been recognized by the UN system as key and important players in eradicating poverty, improving people’s health, protecting the environment, and thus achieving sustainable development. In many countries, spiritual beliefs and religion are main drivers for cultural values, social inclusion, political engagement, and economic prosperity. Utilizing the dynamics of these beliefs at the local level and the role of faith actors is crucial for sustainable development. Conserving the environment has not been absent from the focus of faith-based organizations.

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Faith-Consistent Investing – Living Laudato Si’

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform was launched in November 2021 to provide a global framework for Catholic organisations wishing to put Pope Francis’ encyclical into action and achieve ‘full sustainability’. This event, co-hosted by FaithInvest in collaboration with AMRI, An Tairseach, the Laudato Si’ Movement, Laudato Si’ Action Platform and USIG JPIC Commission, is an invitation to engage Catholic institutional investors, including religious orders in Ireland, and across the world, in a conversation around ethical investing and moving assets in line with Laudato Si’. This event includes a preview of the Laudato Si’ Investor Hub.

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The Missing Peace: Making Sustainable Development Work

Peace is not only essential for health, but also for achieving all the SDGs, including for our common environmental goals. In the run-up to Stockholm+50, Ecosystem for Peace is highlighting the importance of inclusive and just peace in order to sustain a healthy planet or achieve prosperity for all. Recognizing that peace and conflict sensitivity are indeed inextricably linked to environmental policy, their insightful article “The Missing Peace: Making Sustainable Development Work” highlights four key opportunities and concrete recommendations for integrating peace into sustainable development. You are invited to join a discussion on Making Peace with nature on 31 May 2022.

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The Ecological Gurdwara Project: Green Guide for Sikh Temples

Spiritual buildings are valuable centres for like‐minded individuals to form, discuss, and exchange ideas and beliefs. Sacred places breed
trust and receptivity – two key ingredients for embracing the concept of universal collectivity. Therefore, to disseminate the message of
sustainable living, environmental stewardship, and the cosmology of ‘oneness’, what better place to start than the Gurdwara itself?

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