The Ten Directions Certificate comprises:

  • An online learning programme which lasts for five months, delivered blog-style through a private forum, offering daily nature-based tasks for you to do in your local area (100 activities in total)

  • Seven online workshops, delivered on Zoom, as part of the above learning programme

  • A pass to attend a further 52 hours of live workshops which you choose from a large selection of events listed on our Eventbrite page. (You can attend online events only or also do some in-person training days in Scotland, UK – most students do the course entirely online.)

  • One year is given to complete the requirements of the Certificate

  • Optional second year Diploma for those wanting to deepen their practice

More Information.

Ten Directions is a year-long ecotherapy training course that prepares you to practice ecotherapy with others.

In our online learning programme, you will complete five nature therapy exercises per week (Monday to Friday) over a period of five months, and share your experiences in our forum, with tutor feedback and support.

This nature therapy course also offers the chance to attend a total of 90 hours of ecotherapy workshops (with a few UK-based in-person options available), provided by a range of tutors who teach ecotherapy skills from many different angles. 38 hours of these workshops accompany the online learning programme and they are only available to those who sign up for the full course. You are then given a pass to attend a further 52 hours of workshops on the topics that you are interested in (avoiding the topics you aren’t), creating a tailored experience. Everything from working with groups to eco-art, storytelling, spiritual topics and ecopsychology is covered. If you are looking for nature therapy certification online, you might find that our Ten Directions course suits your needs.

If you do not want to work towards the full certificate, you can attend most of our workshops on their own. This can be useful if you are interested in ecotherapy for your own development, or if you would simply like to bring certain elements of ecotherapy into your current work. These workshops are listed on Eventbrite.

There is an optional second year of training – the Diploma – for those who want to deepen their practice, and you can find out more about that here.

This page provides everything you need to know about our ecotherapy training options, read more here


Ten Directions Certificate in Ecotherapy


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