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Where are we at the climate change negotiations?

COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh is over. Numerous reports have all pointed out that if we don’t cut the emissions of greenhouse gases radically and immediately, we will not keep the global average temperature rise below 1.5 degrees, writes Rev. Henrik Grape of the Interfaith Liaison Committee to UNFCCC

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Ukraine: Religious Actors Respond

The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) was founded in 2016 to foster engagement and cooperation. PaRD members support people, especially vulnerable groups, who need assistance and humanitarian support world-wide. To support formal and informal partnerships with and between PaRD members – in Ukraine, at the borders to neighbouring countries, and in communities throughout the world – an overview of their activities can be found here.

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Interfaith and Climate Justice

Soon, the IPCC will complete its release of the 6th Assessment Report, and people are listening. Gone are the days when governments send delegates to COP and make their own decisions without regard to the climate justice issues raised by civil society. People’s engagement can profoundly influence the rate of transformational change, in more healthy and fair government policy and regulation, in private enterprise, meaningful nature regeneration and protection, and in community efforts to achieve the systemic changes needed to avoid catastrophic global heating and environmental destruction.

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The Glasgow Climate Pact and Climate Justice

The Glasgow Climate Pact says that climate justice is applicable to some, not all. The wording on climate justice in several decisions refers to the importance for some. This is an misapprehension of the ambit of climate justice. Climate Justice is for everyone, not some. Climate Justice is for all.

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