What is Blue Theology?

Blue theology is a place where current science in marine biology meets a theology of creation justice. Each Summer, we host youth groups to engage in experiential learning, service projects, and contemplative practice with God’s marine creation. At Blue Theology, we pray for the health of our oceans while exploring tidepools. We believe that ocean conservation is a spiritual practice. We become Blue Theologians, or faithful advocates for a healthy ocean, through our experiences. These experiences may include scientific data collection, kayaking alongside otters, participating in sand dune restoration, or collecting trash on the beach.


Youth Groups and Blue Theology

Learning & Serving

A week with Blue Theology intertwines experiential learning, service projects, and contemplative practice. Blue Theology is all about fostering a heart connection to the ocean, because we protect what we love. Our program encourages faith formation through reflection and creativity. Groups are challenged to explore ways to promote ocean stewardship in their communities when they return home.​​


Blue Theology is a place-based educational program. Each outpost is built around a unique ecosystem, and programming is specific to the outpost’s local partners, volunteers, and congregational strengths. We most often host youth, but welcome and encourage intergenerational groups too! All denominations are welcome.


​As hymnist Dan Damon writes, “the ocean is a call to worship.” This program is our profound investment into the future health of the ocean as well as our human-ecological relationships. No matter how far away you live from the water, we are all connected to the ocean (“all rivers flow to the sea”).



Youth Groups and Blue Theology

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