Interfaith Rainforest Intiative in Indonesia participated in the formulation and launch of the Indonesian Ulama Council’s Fatwa (Islamic Rule) number 86 /2023 On the Law for Controlling Global Climate Change. The initiative aimed to integrate religious perspectives into the discourse on climate change and fostered a holistic approach toward environmental conservation. Included in the fatwa are the rules of law that:

(1) All actions that can cause damage to nature and have an impact on the climate crisis are haram;

(2) Uncontrolled deforestation and forest burning that destroys natural ecosystems, causing massive releases of greenhouse gases, as well as reducing the earth’s ability to absorb and store carbon is haram;

(3) All parties are obligated to contribute to better mitigation and adaptation efforts regarding climate change, reduce the carbon footprint which is not a basic need, and carry out efforts for a just energy transition.

The coordinated efforts of Interfaith Rainforest Intiative Indonesia, alongside MANKA, ECONUSA, Ummah4earth, and LPLH SDA MUI, culminated in the successful planning and execution of the fatwa launch. The groundbreaking fatwa, centering on deforestation and forest burning, holds substantial significance as it directly aligns Islamic principles with rainforest protection. The fatwa serves as religious guidance for all aspects of people’s lives, including government, legislators, and the judiciary.

The impact extends beyond religious circles, making headlines in national print and online media. Looking ahead, the joint program between IRI Indonesia and the Indonesian Ulama Council ensures the continuous dissemination of the fatwa’s principles, solidifying its lasting impact on Indonesian society and setting a precedent for inclusive and impactful environmental advocacy. Additionally, it is envisioned to become a crucial resource for Islamic leaders, influencing their sermons within places of worship and amplifying its impact on spiritual and community levels.


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