We all know climate change is a serious threat to societal stability. When we speak of peace we may not immediately think of the environment right away, yet individual actions put together form global trends, there is scarcely the chance for us to think what we do as individuals does not matter, or we as individuals are powerless to alter the destructive path we are on.

In 2022, Religions for Peace International signed the multireligious and multisectoral Manresa 2022 Pact for the development of resilient, sustainable, safe and inclusive cities. It was the culmination of extraordinary collaboration between the religious leaders, the people and the City Council of Manresa. The pact demonstrated that multilateral cooperation is not only possible, it brings positive impact through education, civic engagement, spiritual conviction and the one will for peaceful society.

National chapters of Religions for Peace all over the world had been so inspired by the example of Manresa that environmental projects and programmes are popping up across our global network. The UK is rallying to this cause and our EcoAction series is dedicated to empowering individuals, households, communities, and society to take meaningful action, that can bring about change on levels we may not feel we are capable of reaching.

This programme aims to explain and show peacebuilders and changemakers that individuals matter, they can steer their families, influence their communities and gather strength to demand actions and solutions from the people we elect. We are all answerable because wittingly or unwittingly, we are contributors. We deeply believe we can gather momentum to forge cooperation between the people, the community and the government to achieve.

Throughout our programme, we will present the challenges we face and through the use of living checklists, we can spur on action at every level, from individuals to households, communities and the broader society. We hope these actionable checklists can empower participants with suggestions spanning from waste reduction to water conservation and more, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is of course not just about making commitments, it is about igniting real change through advocacy for local initiatives and policies driven by consumer choices, promoting sustainability as a pathway to peace.

EcoAction amplifies consumer awareness and encourages conscious decisions to drive impactful change. Let’s empower individuals through their choices!

On Earth Day, 22 April, we will kick off with the inaugural webinar ‘Finding Our Role in Climate Action’. Climate change expert Ishita Garg is leading our inaugural EcoAction session, giving us the perfect opportunity to learn how we can tackle pressing environmental issues. We’ll delve into topics such as individual contributions to climate change and their impact on corporations as the major polluters and the power of collective action.

Join us and turn shared intentions into actionable realities!
🗓️ 22 April 2024 🕢 7:00 PM BST
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Finding Our Role in Climate Action


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