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Faith Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals is an interactive online database showcasing environmental efforts led by religious communities worldwide, documenting these activities in a public way that facilitates inspiration and avenues for collaboration. All projects can be explored by religious tradition, geographical region, ecosystem, areas of impact, and/or environmentally-centered SDGs. This database was launched in September 2021 and is actively curated by the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, the United Religions Initiative, and Parliament of the World’s Religions. It was built in partnership with UNEP’s Faith for Earth Initiative in response to a September 2020 report celebrating the five year anniversary of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which were launched in 2015.

SDG 13: Climate Action

Climate Action

This supplement is part of a series of periodic reports that highlight new and ongoing activities featured in the Faith Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals database. This issue, focused on SDG 13, features six projects that prioritize inter-religious collaboration in their climate education, activism and hands-on projects.

Since 2015, nearly every World Religion has posted a climate statement, denouncing the misuse of power, demanding an end to corporate greed and calling for action on behalf of one another, future generations and all species. The enormity of restoring degraded ecosystems, reversing harmful polluting practices, ending the use of fossil fuels and sequestering carbon emissions cannot be solved by one group, industry or country, of course. Because caring for one another and addressing injustices is at the heart of many faith traditions and spiritual practices, it makes good sense that a number of climate action projects now incorporate partnerships across perceived differences and seek collaboration between generations, disciplines and skill sets.

SDG 13 invites the simple and the innovative; and faith groups are responding. Climate Action is inviting all of us – our voices and our actions matter.


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Faith Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Climate Action



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