A major Islamic initiative on environmental stewardship was launched February 27th at the United Nations Environment Assembly. The Al-Mizan: A Covenant for the Earth is drafted by leading Islamic eco-theologians and practitioners from around the world. In Islam, the term “Al-Mizan” refers to balance or justice, and it is often used to describe the equilibrium that should be maintained in all aspects of life, including the relationship between humanity and the environment.

– Inspired by Islamic scripture, the Al-Mizan document holds humankind and nature in equal measure. It addresses the triple planetary crisis and especially the destruction of nature. Al-Mizan does not shy away from calls for ecocide to be recognized as a crime alongside genocide and war crimes, says Kamran Shezad, Director of the Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences and part of the drafting team. 

The charter presents a comprehensive Islamic framework on ecological and moral responsibility, urging collective action for the protection of our planet: “The enormity of the crime of ecocide – the extirpation of entire ecosystems, communities of species, including our own – can best be appreciated by considering the horrors of genocide – the extirpation of ethnicities and cultures. Crimes against the creation – al-khalq, al-‘ālamīn – are analogous to crimes against humanity and are no less grave. This kind of corruption in the Earth has yet to be recognised, litigated, and penalised in national and international legislation.”

– Al-Mizan is an unbreakable covenant with the Earth, for in its balance lies the sustenance of all life. Our commitment to stewardship must be unwavering, our actions deliberate, for in the harmony of Al-Mizan, we find the essence of our existence, says Iyad Abumoghli, Director of the Faith for Earth Coalition of UNEP.

The charter ends by envisioning a way forward, with many ideas and pledges towards resolving global crises. Learn more and download the document from www.almizan.earth

(See also the chapter from Sheik Abdul Hakim Murad in Faith voices for Ecocide law: A re-enchantment of our vision of the natural world, pages 41-46)

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