As a way forward of the historic first ever Climate Change Conference organized by Rotary International District 3271 and Religions for Peace Pakistan held on 23 and 24 December 2023 inaugurated by the President of Pakistan Mr Arif Alvi and Closed by the Chairman PNSC Rear Admiral Jawwad Ahmed this Joint Resolution was signed and witnessed by the Conference Delegates, Dignitaries and Media. This signed resolution has been sent to the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Representatives from Rotary International and Religions for Peace set a historic precedent by formalising their strategic partnership during the conference, demonstrating a shared commitment to leverage their unique strengths in the fight against climate change.

The convergence of Rotary International and Religions for Peace Pakistan in a strategic partnership at the climate change conference exemplifies a bold step forward, emphasising the critical role that collaborative efforts between service organisations and religious communities play in addressing the global climate crisis.

The conference witnessed the initiation of an unprecedented collaboration between Rotary and Religions for Peace, signalling a new era of cooperative efforts where the collective strength of humanitarian service and religious influence converge to combat the escalating impacts of climate change.

Rotary Climate Change Conference and Awards
Resolution, December 24, 2023

H.E. Dr. Arif Alvi,
Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Your Excellency,

We, the participants of the Climate Change Conference, organized by Rotary International District 3271, Pakistan and Religions for Peace Pakistan convened to address the critical issue of the climate change at our two days Rotary Climate Change Conference inaugurated by your excellency on Saturday, December 23rd 2023, hereby present the resolution for your consideration and urgent action.

The conference participants, delegates and organizers hereby resolve as under:

1. Urgent Climate Action:
Recognizing the imminent threat of climate change, we urge the government to prioritize and expedite comprehensive climate action measures to mitigate environmental risks and enhance the resilience of our communities.

2. National Climate Action Plan:

We recommend the formulation and immediate implementation of a robust National Climate Action Plan that aligns with international climate goals, encompassing ambitious targets for greenhouse gas reduction and climate resilience.

3. Renewable Energy Transition:

Encourage and incentivize a swift transition to renewable energy sources to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, fostering sustainable energy practices and innovation.

4. Children and Climate Change:

Children are the worst affected victim of climate change. It deprives them the bright and good future. In keeping with the Faith for Positive Change for Children initiative (FPCC), the multireligious leaders in collaboration with the government will develop strategies to mainstream the voices and concerns of children in the climate change programs to promote their wellbeing.

5. Adaptation and Resilience:

Allocate resources for the development and enhancement of infrastructure that fortifies our communities against climate change impacts, particularly in vulnerable areas prone to extreme weather events.

6. Youth Engagement and Education:

Acknowledge the pivotal role of youth in climate action. We recommend integrating environmental education into school curricula, supporting student-led initiatives and incorporating youth perspectives in policy-making processes and do capacity development of educators in dissemination of this knowledge.

7. Local and International Collaborations:

Emphasize the importance of active participation in global climate agreements, fostering international collaborations for knowledge exchange, technology transfer and joint initiatives in addressing climate challenges. In same purview, several MoUs were signed during this two-day conference between Rotary International District 3271 & Community Policy Karachi for planting 1 million Trees, Hisaar Foundation for Water Management and Clean Drinking Water and Saturday Welfare Groups (SWG) for Water Filtration Plants.

8. Private Sector Involvement:

Encourage private sector engagement through incentives, partnerships and regulations that promote sustainable business practices, contributing to the country’s economic development and climate goals.

9. Ecosystem Conservation:

Stress the importance of preserving ecosystems and biodiversity through sustainable land use practices, habitat protection, and conservation efforts.

10. Monitoring and Reporting:

Advocate for the establishment of transparent and accountable monitoring mechanisms to track progress toward climate goals and ensure effective implementation of climate-related initiatives.

11. Community Engagement:

Promote community-based approaches to climate action, empowering local communities to actively participate in decision-making processes and sustainable practices.
12. Involvement of Faith Leaders:

Faith leaders can encourage their followers to adapt toward environmental-friendly lifestyles. Religious rituals and practices can be adapted to promote environmental consciousness.
For example, incorporating environmental themes into religious ceremonies can emphasize the sacredness of the Earth and the importance of its protection.

13. Rotary Pakistan Smart Villages:

In pursuance of climate preservation, Rotary Pakistan Smart Villages (RPSV) is transforming the communities by building Smart Villages in flood affected and rural areas and aim to create Smart Villages that are socially inclusive, economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable.

We believe that these recommendations from RID 3271, rooted in collaboration, innovation and sustainability will contribute to the creation of a resilient and sustainable future for Pakistan.

Your leadership and commitment to these critical issues are paramount, and we express our willingness to collaborate and support the support the implementation of these measures.

Thank you for your attention on this pressing matter.





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