Dear friends,

Your gathering in the runup to COP28 comes at a critical moment for humanity and the planet we call home.

Climate breakdown is all around us.

Record-shattering heat and wildfires.

Melting glaciers and rising seas.

Epic floods and storms.

All hitting the vulnerable hardest — those least responsible for this crisis.

People and planet need action.

Action to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Action to phase down planet-killing fossil fuels and ramp up the renewables revolution.

Action to support developing countries and deliver climate justice, with finance for renewables, adaptation and loss and damage.

And action from leaders at COP28 to deliver a strong outcome that makes these ambitions a reality.
As faith leaders, you are part of this essential work.

We need your moral voice and spiritual authority to summon the conscience of leaders, awaken their ambition, and inspire them to do what is needed at COP28 to save our one and only home.

And we’re counting on your support to give this issue the urgency it needs among the wider public.

The path is clear.

The time is now.

And we need all hands on deck.

Thank you for standing in solidarity, and lending your moral voice and great influence to this essential cause.



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