Do you want to help save human civilisation? If so, this book is for you.

How to Fix a Broken Planet
describes the 10 catastrophic risks that menace human civilisation and our planet, and what we can all do to overcome or mitigate them. It explains what must be done globally to avert each mega-threat and what each of us can do in our own lives to help preserve a habitable world. It offers the first truly integrated world plan of action for a more sustainable human society – and fresh hope. A must-read for anyone seeking sound practical advice on what citizens, governments, companies, and community groups can do to safeguard our future.

Julian Cribb AM is an Australian author and science communicator. His career includes appointments as Scientific Editor for The Australian newspaper, Director of National Awareness for the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), editor of several newspapers, member of numerous scientific boards and advisory panels, and president of national professional bodies for agricultural journalism and science communication. His published work includes over 9,000 articles, 3,000 science media releases, and 10 books. He has received 32 awards for journalism. His previous books include Earth Detox (2021), Food or War (2019), Surviving the 21st Century (2017), and The Coming Famine (2010). As a science writer and a grandparent, Julian Cribb is deeply concerned about the existential emergency facing humanity, and his latest books map hopeful pathways out of our predicament.




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