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The Centre for Theological Inquiry is proud to announce a new series of annual Research Reports from the Center.

This new series distils the fresh thinking of our research groups on a range of global concerns for the wider public.

Report 3:
The Natural Environment

The third entry in the Centre for Theological Inquiry’s series of Research Reports comes out of our 2021-2022 Research Workshop on Religion & the Natural Environment. As the capstone year of Centre for Theological Inquiry’s five-year Inquiry on Religion & Global Issues, CTI convened a team of researchers from around the globe to explore the global concern of the environmental crisis, from the perspectives of science, environmental policy, art, ethics, and theology. COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference, was held in November 2021, during the first semester of our workshop. This research report includes reflection on this global climate change conference alongside reflection on the CTI workshop, all centered on the question of religion and the natural environment.

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Centre for Theological Inquiry Research Reports:

Centre for Theological Inquiry Research Reports: – The Natural Environment


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