Resistance is the first step towards restoration. During this session, we will meet and learn from four incredible people working in and around St. James Parish who utilize their traditions, culture and values to stop plastic pollution at its source, push restoration work, and create legal frameworks to deal with plastic pollution through its entire lifecycle.

CEE recognizes that an ecological society will require local, national, and international action to challenge economic paradigms that emphasize short-term profit over planetary health and thriving communities. This includes the need for regenerative solutions and commitments to protecting species and their habitats including the healthy soil, water and air that sustains them. We need Indigenous wisdom and women’s voices in the front lines and in policy to inform our decision making. Join us for this opening dialogue on Values, Culture and Spirituality: A Consultation on Air.

Speakers Include:
Casey Camp-Horinek – Activist, Drumkeeper for the Ponca Pa-tha-ta, Woman’s Scalp Dance Society
Jane Patton – Campaign Manager, Plastics & Petrochemicals, Center for International Environmental Law
Judith Enck – President, Beyond Plastics; Senior Fellow and Visiting Faculty Member, Bennington College
Sharon Lavigne – President, Rise St. James, 2021 Goldman Prize Recipient
Moderator – Andrew Schwartz, Center for Earth Ethics

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Tags: Culture and Spirituality: A Consultation on Air, Values