Religions for Peace in partnership with the City of Manresa, Spain, will be hosting a hybrid event to celebrate #EarthDay 🌎🌍🌏. “Love and Respect the Earth: Multi-Religious Collaboration to Address the Climate Crisis” will take place on 21 April, 2022.

The challenges the Earth and all its inhabitants are facing are dire. While civil society organizations are raising awareness of impending crises stemming from climate change and ecologically unsustainable consumption, this consciousness has yet to be translated into solid policy change or action, worldwide. The key objectives of this event are to identify the barriers that impede concrete action to address the climate crisis; engage youth, women, faith leaders, civil society actors, and policy leaders to share their perspectives and experiences in advocating for and taking action to halt environmental degradation; and develop a strategy that brings diverse stakeholders together to ensure a sustainable environment. 

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Love and Respect the Earth


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