Education Plans: Each Education Plan is divided into sections and if completed in full, takes approximately 3 hours. As part of our Christian mission, some education plans have specific faith based content. Please use whichever sections you wish and adapt the timings and content to suit your specific needs. These fun, interactive, stimulating outdoor sessions are linked to the national curriculum and use scientific enquiry to educate. Plans are free to be adapted for any religion. See the Plans

An Islamic Understanding Of The Environment – Theory and Practice: “Theory: Islamic Theology contains a set of principles that encourage the philosophy of environmentalism. However, besides this assertion the present situation which is seen in Turkey (as well as Muslim countries) is not considerably different to that in the rest of the world. Hypotheses: (1) Turkish Muslims are ignoring to learn and practice the social environmental ethics of Islam. (2) Turkish Muslims do not see environmental problems as an important issue. (3) Religious leaders such as imams, religious teachers, muftis and several other employees of Diyanet are not fulfilling their responsibility of education for their community from this respect. Read more

Faith Plans: Focus on priorities, relationships, communication: The Faith Plans programme is an important part of this new level of ambition. It is also a move away from standard sustainability planning models, explained Lorna, which may not work for the faiths, towards an approach to sustainability which recognises a number of the intangible assets that faiths have at their disposal – for example, access, influence, moral voice and wisdom. Faith Plans are holistic, solution-focused, and above all adaptable to the different needs of faith communities. Read more

A White Paper on the Future of Environmental Peacebuilding: Nurturing an ecosystem for peace The term ‘White Paper’ is typically used in government circles to denote a publicly available, balanced document designed to help readers make decisions. This white paper seeks to encourage debate and discussion over the challenges, opportunities, and possibilities for environmental peacebuilding in conflict-affected states and societies. The paper and compendium are the product of a global conversation about the future of environmental peacebuilding and they draw from extensive academic work and practical experience. Read more

Why Climate Change is inherently racist: Climate change and racism are two of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century. They are also strongly intertwined. There is a stark divide between who has caused climate change and who is suffering its effects. People of colour across the Global South are those who will be most affected by the climate crisis, even though their carbon footprints are generally very low. Similar racial divides exist within nations too, due to profound structural inequalities laid down by a long legacy of unequal power relationships. Explore more

Climate change threatens future of Winter Olympics and all snow sports: Climate change is threatening the Winter Olympics and the future of snow sports by making conditions much more dangerous for athletes and participants, experts have warned in a report published a week before the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. Read more

Faith for Earth Dialogue at UNEA 5.2 The Faith for Earth Dialogue is open to all stakeholders, demonstrating the power and potential of faith-based organisations and faith leaders in shaping the discussions at UNEA as well as engaging in policy dialogue with other stakeholders including governments, major groups, cities, businesses and other civil society organisations. The meeting will be held from 21 February to 4 March 2022. Read more and register for this event


Do not go gentle into that good night

Do not go gentle into that good night


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