14 October 2021

The latest addition to this site is A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change. It is a dated document (2015). We will be looking for a more recent version. Keep in mind that Almost 40 faith leaders signed a joint statement: Faith and Science, An appeal for COP 26, which was presented by Pope Francis to the COP 26 President, Alok Sharma, in Rome on 4 October 2021. This is likely to be the main Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change for COP 26.

The United Nations Environment Program recently conducted the Faith for Nature – Our Sacred Commitment Conference in Skalholt, Iceland. Faith for Earth Coalition Our Sacred Commitment, addressed strengthening faith-based action and issued a formal statement which is a Multifaith declaration. This is available in several languages.

An Overview of Interfaith Activity – with a basic mind-map has been added. This summarises one of the COP 21 (Paris) Climate Change declarations.

A summary of Interfaith and Climate Change and the religions has been added. It has short summaries of different religions and the Earth.

The Quaker Statement on Climate Change has been added to the site. However, we may add more as we found the Quaker Declaration on the Environment!


Quakers in the UK - Countdown to COP26


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