Eco-Migration: The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development conducted a Press Conference on the topic of Eco-migration, at the NGO Press Conference Room. Panelists present discussed forced migration, sometimes called ‘climate refugees’. Read more

Faith groups’ work on climate must continue after COP26, says UNEP official: While COP26 is coming to a close, though expected to spill into extra time, the work does not end, especially for the faith communities playing a role in the ongoing effort to combat climate change said Iyad Abumoghli, director of the Faith for Earth Initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme. Read more

Global faith leaders call for urgent action at COP26: “World leaders must now step up and deliver a clear, actionable text that strengthens previous agreements and puts those living on the frontline of the climate crisis at its heart,” reads the statement, which calls on world leaders to recognise the urgency of the crisis. Read more

Rev. Kleber Machado from Glasgow: no social justice without climate justice: Rev. Kleber Machado is a minister of the Church of Scotland at the St Andrew West Paris Church, in Glasgow, where COP26 is taking place. He reflects on wider climate justice issues, as well as how he is bringing hope in his church’s own backyard. Read more

A Pictorial View of Inside and Outside COP26 has been published.

The Interfaith Talanoa Dialogue Call to COP26 issued by the Interfaith Liaison Committee to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change on 11 November 2021 tells “As people of faith, we believe that we humans are called to take care of our neighbours and of the Earth. We together envision a planet that secures good health, dignified livelihoods, and a future for all living beings including coming generations. Though we represent diverse faith traditions, we are united in calling upon the COP26 to act now on the climate emergency before it is too late.” Read more.

COP26: Energy Transition – Compassionate leadership towards a sustainable world: The Brahma Kumaris hosted COP26: Energy Transition – Compassionate leadership towards a sustainable world in the Blue Zone EU Pavilion. This session was dedicated to exploring the transition from fossil-fuel energy systems to renewable forms of energy. Contributions from Golo Pilz, Energy Adviser to the Brahma Kumaris, Initiator of India-One Solar Power Thermal Plant. Read more

COP26: Quaker perspectives on the negotiations so far: During this online event, we heard reflections on the UN climate negotiations from Lindsey Fielder Cook, Representative for Climate Change at the Quaker UN Office in Geneva, and Olivia Hanks, Programme Manager – Economics and Sustainability at Quakers in Britain. Read more

Buddhist prayer of the day for the planet on the BBC: FaithInvest founder and CEO Martin Palmer has released a series of prayers and meditations focusing on climate change through the lens of various faiths. The six prayers have featured on BBC Radio 4’s Prayer for the Day throughout the COP26 climate conference currently taking place in Glasgow. On November 8, the Buddhist prayer of the day for the planet was given on BBC4

Without pressure, climate pledges made in Glasgow will never be met: While COP26 feels like a distant set of high-stakes negotiations, the success of these meetings hinges on whether the United States delivers serious climate action on the homefront, which in turn hinges on how we show up as a community. This is the message of Reform Jews in the United States.

Climate change and failing to preach Christ crucified: The Revd Dr Darrell D Hannah, Rector of All Saints Church, Ascot, and Chair of Operation Noah’s Board of Trustees, urges The Tron Church in Glasgow to re-consider its opposition to preaching ‘climate change’. Read more


The launch of the Green Church

The launch of the Green Church


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