Interfaith and COP#4 is a pictorial view of events in and around COP26.

The Glasgow Emergency Pact was originally issued by the Climate Vulnerable Forum, a group of 55 countries for whom climate change poses an existential threat. These countries include Pacific Island states, countries such as Bangladesh, and other nations that simply cannot afford the complacency and foot-dragging of the international progress, or lack thereof, on climate change. Read more and sign onto the Glasgow Emergency Pact.

Interfaith Liasion Committee to the UNFCCC: In a message to the High-Level Ministerial Segment of the 26th Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP26), The Interfaith Liasion Committee to the UNFCCC urged a response to the climate emergency that balances science and spirituality. Read more

The World Council of Churches – in a statement – said that the climate crisis is not a distant prospect, but is upon us today. “Children, young people and ordinary citizens have made public demonstration of their outrage at the lack of any adequate response by governments to the gravity of this global crisis, and against the backsliding by some governments,” the statement reads. “The time for debate and disputation of established scientific facts is long over.” Read more

¬†Photo exhibition portrays stark reality of climate change: These images remind us of the devastating impacts of climate change, and how dangerous it is for all of us if we don’t act now. Let’s not lose sight of the reality of climate chaos. We call on negotiators to agree on urgent and concrete actions to curb Greenhouse Gas emissions”. Read more

Ruth Musgrave has been volunteering at the Salvation Army – Nourish Scotland events during COP26. Ruth has also been volunteering at a number of other events. Ruth has been referenced by National Catholic Reporter, and we present her account of Days 7 and 8 at COP26.

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development hosted a Press Conference in the NGO Press Room at the Scottish Entertainment Centre. Special guests Rupert Read and Nick Breeze discussed COP26 with regular panelists Dr. Peter Carter, Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez. View the video, listen to the assessments.

Vatican calls for road map to achieve a climate change deal at Cop26: The Pope has warned world leaders at the Cop26 summit in Glasgow: “Time is running out; this occasion must not be wasted, lest we have to face God’s judgment for our failure to be faithful stewards of the world he has entrusted to our care.” The Vatican has called for a clear road map to address issues of loss, damage and finance which are key to achieving a deal. It hopes the final decisions will spring from a “genuine sense of responsibility towards present and future generations, as well as the care of our common home”. Read more

The Holy See Delegation has brought the concerns of Pope Francis for our common homebefore the participants of the COP26, emphasizing the human face of the climate crisis, its impact on the poorest and those who have done the least to cause it. Read the Statement of the Holy See

Pope Francis has written a letter to the Catholics of Scotland, saying that he had hoped to be able to travel to COP26. But this was not to be so. Read the Letter of Pope Francis.

Methodist Global Declaration calls for Climate Justice: Over 20 senior leaders from Methodist Churches around the world have signed a joint statement. In the statement, the church leaders identify their Methodist and Uniting Church heritage as a quality which brings them together.  They also highlight their identity as climate activists, saying that “the climate crisis is the greatest threat to life on earth and must be tackled” Read more

Manifesto from Times of Crisis: An interfaith response to COP26 and the climate crisis: In this interfaith manifesto, diverse Scottish faith groups are making their voices heard on the Climate Crisis. Produced by the COP26 Interfaith Working Group and featured as part of Rosanna Irvine’s project, Manifestos in Times of Crisis. Read about the Manifesto

A moral call to conscience – fair share in finance for people affected by loss and damage: was organised by ACT Alliance – Action by Churches Together (ACT Alliance), Friends World Committee for Consultation, Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW). What do we mean by ‘fair share’ in loss and damage? This event will explore effective and human rights-based responses to loss and damage, and in particular how loss and damage can be addressed in a post-2025 finance agreement. Read more

Faith groups hold a vigil for loss and damage finance at COP26: On Wednesday 10 November, Quakers and Buddhists, people of all faiths and none, conducted a vigil for people around the world who are bearing the brunt of climate breakdown, to keep the issue of finance for ‘loss and damage’ on the COP26 agenda. The candlelit vigil was outside the exit of the restricted Blue Zone of the UN climate talks – COP26 – in Glasgow at 5.30pm. Read more

What the world needs from COP26: The UN climate talks in Glasgow are reaching a crucial point, with negotiations due to finish on Friday (though they may run on into the weekend). We have seen an incredible coming together of movements in Glasgow and around the world to call for climate justice at COP26. Read the Quaker’s economic summary

Interfaith leaders urge UN’s COP26 to adopt Plant Based Treaty: Over 100 interfaith leaders called on the COP26 Climate Summit delegates to adopt a vegan and plant-based lifestyle as a companion to the Paris Agreement. Read more

COP26: Church in Amazonia calls for tangible results: In a statement released on Thursday, the Bishops’ Conference of the Amazon and the Pan-Amazon Ecclesial Network tell world leaders meeting at the Climate Summit in Scotland that time is running out. Read more


EcoSikh joins interfaith effort ahead of COP26:

EcoSikh joins interfaith effort ahead of COP26: EcoSikh, which draws on Sikh ethics, beliefs and the example of Sikh gurus to confront the world”s environmental challenges, described the COP26 event as a ‘last ray of hope as the earth faces an unprecedented ecological crisis.’


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