Camino to Cop26: While most delegates deliberate about whether to drive, fly or catch the train to the Cop26 summit in Glasgow, a dozen or so pilgrims have just spent the past 55 days getting there on foot from London. Members of the female-run faith group Camino to Cop26 have been walking a 500-mile route since early September. Read more here.

“Emotions to generate change”: is a photo exhibition in St Peter’s Square to push the issue of the care of creation at COP26 in Glasgow. The exhibition can be found under the left colonnade of the Basilica from 31 October to 8 November. There is a overview of the purpose of this exhibition and stunning video which includes Pope Francis speaking to “Emotions to generate change”. Read more here.

Interfaith Vigil in George Square has been updated with images of the different faith leaders leading the prayers during the Vigil.

BBC: Faith Groups and Pilgrims lead Glasgow COP 26 climate protests has been updated with more photographs of pilgrims arriving.

Sowing Seeds of Hope has been updated with more information from their press release.

The Climate Casino has been updated with more information about the program and the presenters.

The UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY) is an event under the banner of YOUNGO – The Official Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The conference takes place right before the annual UN Climate Change Conference, also known as Conference of the Parties (COP), in the same host country as the COP. In 15 thematics, the COY Youth Statement urges world leaders at COP26 to once and for all provide the necessary policy framework to win our fight for 1.5°C. The Youth present at COY-16 are here to hold decision-makers accountable for their actions and demand they finally step up their game. Read more here

Climate and Nature: The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Securing an Equitable, Net Zero Emissions and Nature Positive World for All – This discussion will explore the role that faith-based organizations can play in advocating for strong action on climate and biodiversity. It will explore the theological and philosophical basis of the current environmental crisis, and offer insights into how humanity can re-orientate itself to being in harmony and balance with nature. Read more – and view the video – here


View of the Climate Conference Meeting Room

View of the Climate Conference Meeting Room


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